More efficient molds with "Selective Laser Melting"

Why are our molds more efficient?

Thanks to Selective Laser Melting, we are able to create molds that have special internal channels that guarantee extremely quick cooling of the obtained part. An extraordinary result, which makes it possible to drastically reduce cycle times and increase plant production volumes in an inversely proportional manner.

Based on the Additive Manufacturing principle, which is commonly known as 3D printing, SLM makes it possible to eliminate traditional manufacturing constraints, offering the designer maximum freedom in terms of the implementability of shapes and the complexity of geometries.

With respect to conventional methods, which are based on in-mold casting or the removal of material from a raw form, Selective Laser Melting technology consists in layer-by-layer steel (or other metal) powder-laser fusion, according to the points defined by the 3D design, until obtaining the final object.

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MECSPE 2018 - MARCH 23-24, 2018 PARMA

We look forward to seeing you at MECSPE 2018 – in the Eurostampi pavilion, a trade fair specialized in the design and implementation of molds for die-cast aluminum, zamak, magnesium and injection molds for plastic materials.

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