Performances of plastic injection moulds heavily affect productivity and yields of high volume industries as packaging and cosmetics.

R.B. is specialized in mould design and production and the introduction of a laser bed printer enlarged its possibilities especially in terms of optimization of cooling channels, more numerous and closer to the functional surface.

After a long-standing experience with commercial Maraging and other steel powders, R.B. has started questioning about the relationship between powders and printing parameters.

The necessary metallurgical competences and laboratory equipment have been found in MIMETE, the new Italian metal powders producer and partner of R.B. on a long-term project aiming at the development of new optimized powders and LPB/SLM process parameters.

On November 27th 2019, R.B. and Mimete will participate to the Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference, in Örebro, Sweden, with a speech entitled “Optimization of LPB/SLM process and maraging steel powders for plastic injection moulds”.

The speakers will be the engineers Valentina Vicario (Mimete) and Daniele Miceli (R.B.).

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