A reliable partner for all your needs

Our success is based on research, technology, the professionalism of our employees; an inestimable wealth of skills that we want to share, making them a resource for everyone.

Our technicians and our instruments are made available to companies, universities and research centers for support, analysis and product diagnosis services.

On-site aftersales services

Insurance for your investments

A team of specialized technicians is available at all times for direct interventions on production lines, in order to resolve all malfunctions or machine downtimes as quickly as possible and always guarantee maximum plant efficiency.

3D tomography

A complete view, inside and out

MOLD&MOLD offers the possibility to carry out advanced inspections using industrial computerized tomography on molds and products to analyze the inner and outer geometries, detect any defects and create simulations targeted toward optimizing the shape and structure of the part.

Dimensional check

Under the quality lens

Our laboratories make it possible to perform dimensional tests upon request, both on molded parts as well as on the finished product, using Ogp and Zeiss measurement systems, which are based on optical and probing technology and studied to check product characteristics with maximum precision.