A new generation of molds is born

The plastic molding industry needs increasingly advanced tools in order to meet the extremely high quality and safety standards and permit individual companies to operate on a global scale in a market that is in continuous evolution.

From this point of view, the availability of more efficient molds that are able to reduce the cooling times of the molds translates into the ability to immediately multiply the production volumes for each single machine.

MOLD&MOLD designs and implements new generation molds for plastic material, using the most advanced technological resources and making its more than 40 years of experience in the sector available to its customers.

The applications for our molds

One technology, unlimited uses

Today our molds are used for the production of plastic components for a basically unlimited number of applications. Technology, quality and versatility are the strengths that allow us to serve delicate, complex and highly competitive sectors with customized solutions, where safety and precision are key requests



Oxygenators for extracorporeal circulation
Blood filtering products
Dispensers and work instruments


Normal and special caps and closing systems
Dispensers and containers


Containers for creams and cosmetic products
Caps and covers
Special closing systems


Coffee capsules in biocompostable material
Components for electronics (also insert molding)
Dental impressions

Mold production department

Electrical discharge machining

Five automatic machines, used for the wire electrical discharge machining and sinker electrical discharge machining of steel components. These machines use mainly electrodes manufactured internally.


Four 3-axis milling machines, including two Makino served by an automatic robot pallet changer.

Gauging department

Dimensional checks of the produced parts, which are carried out using two Zeiss measurement machines, a profilometer, a roughness tester and a hardness tester.

3D printing department

This includes a 3D printer EOS M280, a machine used to sinter steel powder for realizing components equipped with conformal channels. These processes are followed directly by the Technical Department.
The aging treatment process for 3D-printed parts is performed internally, through a quenching furnace.


The department is composed of one tangent grinding machine and one circular.

Other machines

There is a department dedicated to various types of mechanical manufacturing activities, and includes a manual lathe, a manual milling machine, a sandblaster, a drilling machine and a machine that washes mold parts in an ecologic manner (without the use of chemical solvents by operators).