About us

As unique as our DNA

Established as an artisan company, it has grown within the Mirandola biomedical district and today MOLD&MOLD is open to new challenges and new markets, with the skills and technical resources necessary for being a partner of reference in Italy and Europe for sectors with special plastic components.

On the one hand, there are our many years of experience and the precious know-how about the design and implementation of custom molds for multiple applications, from biomedical to cosmetics and food packaging, on the other we have a certified, cutting-edge clean room that allow us to directly take care of the molding of the finished product.

The Mold&Mold model

Being different than everyone else has its advantages

Artisan flexibility in combination with an industrial production capacity

From the design to the finished and tested product

SLM technology for the implementation of high efficiency tailor-made molds

High production volumes inside the clean room certified ISO 8 (compliant to ISO 14644 standard)

Guaranteed quality and timeliness of supplies

No machine downtime for customers due to line maintenance and troubleshooting, thanks to in-house molding



MOLD&MOLD was established in 1973 as R.B. Srl, a workshop specialized in the design and implementation of high precision molds for plastic materials.


The strategic position, in the heart of the Mirandola biomedical district, has made ti possible for the company work together from the start with large national and international groups, allowing them to expand rapidly and have the quality of their products become known also beyond their borders.


The new operating facilities were inaugurated in 2011, a cutting-edge plant with 3,300 m2 equipped with the most modern equipment as well as a brand new ISO 8 clean room (compliant to ISO 14644 standard) for direct molding in a controlled atmosphere.


The characteristics of the building, which was built according to earthquake-proof criteria, proved to be vital upon occasion of the two violent earthquakes that involved Emilia in May 2012, an event that forced many local companies to close.


The events did not stop production and the absence of structural damage made it possible for the company to accommodate in its spaces the personnel and machinery of B.B.G., another established local company specialized in precision mechanics and assembly, after being seriously damaged by the earthquake.


Today MOLD&MOLD is partner for leading international groups in the biomedical, food packaging, electronics and cosmetics sectors.


Once step at a time, while looking forward

We are a small company that has large ambitions: for this reason the search for quality is our main objective. Quality that is understood not only in terms of product value, but in a wider sense as a contribution toward the development of the sectors in which we operate.

Quality that means working to improve the conditions of life for people, as is done in the biomedical field. Quality that means being engaged in creating solutions able to reduce energy and plastic waste, as in the packaging and cosmetics industry.

For us the keyword is innovation: this is not a goal, but a modus operandi that we apply every day, working together with the universities and research centers of our partners, with the objective of transforming knowledge into intelligent technology that serves society.

Like every company, we are made up of people and it is specifically the people to whom we want to dedicate our resources as best as possible, promoting in-house professional and individual growth opportunities, in order to guarantee equal treatment and offer a high level of personal realization and satisfaction.



of covered production areas


parts produced per year by the molding department

Euro 7.3

invoiced in 2018


33 in production, 15 in the offices


is the average age of our personnel


of surrounding land to be used for future expansion