How are coffee capsules injection molded?

Mold&Mold is at the forefront in the design and manufacture of multi-cavity molds for the production of coffee capsules in bio-compostable plastic material.

The capsule development process begins with the customer’s specific request to optimise their product, in terms of industrialisation and production speed.

With the optimised 3D model of the capsule, a simulation is carried out using Moldex3D software, the world-leading CAE product for the plastic injection molding industry.

This example video shows how we can analyse every phase of the complete molding cycle using this powerful simulator. Furthermore, it enables us to carry out a very detailed preventive analysis in terms of dimensional tolerances and deformation of the capsules which is fundamental for the success of the product.

The new frontier for the production of coffee capsules is one that involves an injection process within a very modern Clean Room, is ISO 9001:2015 certified and equipped with the latest machinery.

The applications for our molds

One technology, unlimited uses

Today our molds are used for the production of plastic components for a basically unlimited number of applications. Technology, quality and versatility are the strengths that allow us to serve delicate, complex and highly competitive sectors with customized solutions, where safety and precision are key requests



Oxygenators for extracorporeal circulation
Blood filtering products
Dispensers and work instruments


Normal and special caps and closing systems
Dispensers and containers


Containers for creams and cosmetic products
Caps and covers
Special closing systems


Coffee capsules in biocompostable material
Components for electronics (also insert molding)
Dental impressions