Optimization of LPB/SLM printing process

On January 21st 2020, the Austrian review of Metallurgy Berg Huettenmaenn Monatsh published the scientific article on optimization of LPB/SLM process and Maraging steel powders, presented by Mr. Miceli (Mold&Mold) and Mrs. Vicario (Mimete) at the MAMC Conference in Orebro (Sweden) in November 2019.

The publication shows the state of the art in the LPB/SLM technology, with a focus on Mold&Mold experience in using different commercial Maraging steel powders. In addition, through the characterization performed by Mimete on powder samples used multiple times in the printing process, it was possible to study the aging phenomena of powders and their implications in terms of reusability rates.

The results of the study will lead to relevant improvements in the plastic injection molding process, especially in terms of yields and productivity, with considerable advantages for manufacturers operating in the packaging, cosmetics and medical devices industries.

Mold&Mold’s effort in the optimization of LPB/SLM processes continues through Powder, an innovative project already presented to the European Community Horizon2020 financing program.

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