Optimization of LPB/SLM printing process

On January 21st 2020, the Austrian review of Metallurgy Berg Huettenmaenn Monatsh published the scientific article on optimization of LPB/SLM process and Maraging steel powders, presented by Mr. Miceli (Mold&Mold) and Mrs. Vicario (Mimete) at the MAMC Conference in Orebro (Sweden) in November 2019.

The publication shows the state of the art in the LPB/SLM technology, with a focus on Mold&Mold experience in using different commercial Maraging steel powders. In addition, through the characterization performed by Mimete on powder samples used multiple times in the printing process, it was possible to study the aging phenomena of powders and their implications in terms of reusability rates.

The results of the study will lead to relevant improvements in the plastic injection molding process, especially in terms of yields and productivity, with considerable advantages for manufacturers operating in the packaging, cosmetics and medical devices industries.

Mold&Mold’s effort in the optimization of LPB/SLM processes continues through Powder, an innovative project already presented to the European Community Horizon2020 financing program.

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MECSPE 2020 - JUNE 18-20, Parma

The world of plastics returns to MECSPE with the Eurostampi – macchine e subfornitura plastica, gomma e compositi show – a trade fair dedicated to plastic transformation chain suppliers that examines the different plastic processing methods: moulding, thermoforming, blow moulding, extrusion, screen printing and painting.

Discover Mold&Mold expertise in the application of injection plastic molding technologies.

You can find us at PAVILLION 6 (EUROSTAMPI) – stand G13.


Environmental Management Certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

On October 7th 2019, after a check of compliance to the standard requirements and with the approval of Tüv Italia S.r.l., R.B. S.p.A. obtained the certification

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems

This certification proves the attention paid by R.B. S.p.A. in adopting Quality certification systems for company processes.
In particular, this result is the last step of a process which has led R.B. to obtain, with the approval of Tüv Italia S.r.l., the following certifications:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems

UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016 – Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems

It is intention of R.B. to continue investing on the maintenance and upgrade of its Quality System, in the main interest of its Customers and collaborators.

MAMC 2019 – November 27th 2019, Örebro (Sweden)

Performances of plastic injection moulds heavily affect productivity and yields of high volume industries as packaging and cosmetics.

R.B. is specialized in mould design and production and the introduction of a laser bed printer enlarged its possibilities especially in terms of optimization of cooling channels, more numerous and closer to the functional surface.

After a long-standing experience with commercial Maraging and other steel powders, R.B. has started questioning about the relationship between powders and printing parameters.

The necessary metallurgical competences and laboratory equipment have been found in MIMETE, the new Italian metal powders producer and partner of R.B. on a long-term project aiming at the development of new optimized powders and LPB/SLM process parameters.

On November 27th 2019, R.B. and Mimete will participate to the Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference, in Örebro, Sweden, with a speech entitled “Optimization of LPB/SLM process and maraging steel powders for plastic injection moulds”.

The speakers will be the engineers Valentina Vicario (Mimete) and Daniele Miceli (R.B.).

For more information: www.mamc2019.org

K 2019 - OCTOBER 23, 2019 Dusseldorf

We will be present as visitors to K 2019, the international fair for plastics and rubber that will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany. This appointment will allow us to learn about the novelties in the field of plastic, rubber and machines for processing them for our continuous research in the sector.

Dream Gadget Design Contest

DREAM project partners would like to produce a gadget that could remind them the first time they met: a bottle opener which is the symbol of the project kick-off meeting in Finland.

For this reason, they would like to have the sentence “Hölkyn Kölkyn”, together with the project’s logo, written on it.

The best design will be assessed by a technical committee, composed by Poly-Shape and Warrant Hub, and will be awarded with a 3D-printer i3 Megas Anycubic.

Do you want to contribute to design this object? We will make your work a reality!

Send your work to dreameuproject@gmail.com

Deadline: 31st August 2019

For more information, please visit: http://www.dream-euproject.eu/gadget-design-contest/

European Commission Seal of Excellence for Horizon 2020 project

R.B. commitment in searching innovative solutions in the field of Additive Manufacturing has recently been acknowledged by the European Community. In particular, the project “Development and Optimisation of 3D printing with new powder material” has been awarded with the Seal of Excellence, within the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020.



Seal of Excellence

Dream Summer School - JUNE 3-7, 2019

As member of the Dream Consortium, R.B. has participated in the organization of the Summer School on Additive Manufacturing, with a speech on “Main applications and problems of SLM technology in tools production”.

All participants were offered a guided tour of the company premises and a practical experience in the workshop, on the removal of a finished 3D-printed job.

More details and pictures on the event are available at: http://www.dream-euproject.eu/summer-school-gallery/

MECSPE 2019 - MARCH 28-30, 2019 Parma

We look forward to seeing you at MECSPE 2019 – From 18 editions MECSPE is the biggest event dedicated to innovations for the manufacturing industry. The fair is specialized in the design and manufacture of die-casting molds for aluminum, zamak, magnesium and injection molds for plastic materials. You can find us in the Eurostampi pavilion – PAD. 6